Loading Tips

Basic tips for loading the moving truck

  • Make sure all the moving boxes are equal in size and closed on top for loading purposes.
  • Begin by loading all the equal sized boxes in the front of the truck and create a wall across left to right.
  • Pack boxes tight to avoid any falling. (Properly secure with straps)
  • Load the square furniture such as bedroom furniture dressers, night stands etc.
  • Continue to the other rooms with square items such as tv stands, entertainment centers etc.
    (Properly secure with straps)
  • Note: Wrap moving blankets around each piece of furniture and position left to right on the truck evenly distributing the weight
  • Lay a moving blanket on the floor to protect against dirt and load the mattresses.
  • Blanket and place the headboard and footboard between the mattresses. This is also a good place to store the mirror from the back of your dresser along with any other glass shelving, pictures etc.. (Properly secure with straps)
  • Lay blankets on top of the furniture loaded so far and place the loose items on top such as plastic plants, open boxes, light weight chairs and miscellaneous items.
  • Load couch with front facing left or right wall, remove cushions and place cushions with miscellaneous items, cover couch  with blanket, pack any light-weight tv’s inside of the couch and blanket, then flip loveseat on top with back facing wall and cover with blanket. (Properly secure with straps)
  • Load refrigerator, washer dryer and the large appliances face in to side wall.
  • Load loose items and fill in the unused areas with patio furniture etc. Rolled up rugs, bags of linens etc. can be laid on top to help fill void areas.